Donnie Said It Best

What do you do, when you done all you can…


This word of encouragement today is for someone who has tried everything in the book that he/she can think of. You’ve been praying, fasting, trying to remain positive, and overall trying to keep the faith. However, for some reason nothing in front of your natural eye seems to be changing. In fact, when reflecting back over the passed couple of days and/or weeks, things seem to be getting worse. Well, the bible distinctly informs us, as followers of Christ, what each of us should do, which is to stand.

As believers in Christ when finding yourself feeling stuck or seeing things becoming worse with your natural eye, God encourages you to stand. God gives us this one instruction to keep standing, because he can finish what we cannot do. God just needs us to stand on his word in order to help build our faith as well as those who are watching nearby. When you choose to stand on God’s word you are a model for Christ. Imagine your life being this runway and God is the designer. All that is needed from you is to stand in front of the audience (the world) and show the wonderful garments God has created. God wants you to merely stand so that people may see the joy he can provide, the love that he can cloth you in, and the strength he can give that stitches everything together.

Nobody in the audience is truly aware of the chaotic mess that is happening behind the scenes except for God and yourself. While you’re out in the forefront standing for Christ, God is turning all of the chaotic mess around for your good. As the designer of that which is good, God is transforming old rags of despair, rejection, anger, etc. into new garments of praise. Behind the curtain God is throwing old things out and bringing in all things new. God is lining up every thing you need and making preparation for you. So when the time comes for you to change from one seasonal gear to your next season, God has all that you need waiting for you. The only thing required of you is to stand. As followers of Christ, do not doubt God’s ability to make your situation beautiful. God is a wonderful artist, who specializes in turning old rags into wonderful garments. Remember, before something can turn around in the natural it must first be changed in the spiritual realm.

Yes after you done all you can, you just stand….


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