Do I really love God?

As a believer of Christ, I have taken notice that my connection with God does not feel as strong as it use to be once upon a time. A couple of months ago, the Lord brought it to my attention that one reason for this feeling was my lack of spending quality time with him. As a human being, it is natural to become so caught up in your daily routines or trying to complete everything listed on your schedule that we lose sight of what’s important. Nevertheless as believers, it is extremely easy to make a habit of doing certain spiritual things out of religious manner and obligation. God has made it known to me that he desires for me to spend quality time w/him out of desire, not from a place of performing religious routines.
For the longest, I perceived spending time w/God as something that is weighted heavily on the exact number of minutes or hours I would spend reading the bible or praying. As of recently, I have learned that God could care less about the exact number of minutes or hours a person spends with him, but what truly matters is the desired time. When being in a committed relationship, no one has to pull your teeth to hang out with that person or to talk to that person for countless hours. Personally, when being in a committed relationship, I would sacrifice the opportunity to do other things to make time specifically for my significant other. However, I was failing to do that exact action for God. Instead I would rush through reading a daily devotional or I would say a brief prayer in the car. Why is it that I can plan my schedule around a significant other, but only attempt to fit God into my prescheduled day.
I have come to realize that it is extremely easy to complete a task that you desire to do. For some people, including myself, spending time with God would come naturally if God is truly our heart’s desire. Lately, I have been using daily devotionals as a crutch for spending time with God. I’m not stating that reading a daily bread doesn’t count as spending time with God, however for some of us, that’s seems to be the only time God can receive. If I truly love God as much as I confess, I could sacrifice other activities or tasks to ensure that I talk to my father, God. Do you really think that God loved us enough to die, but doesn’t love of us enough to talk to his children. The Lord desires to hear from his children, because he loves us so much. Do we truly love God?


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